Ani Oromoo , Biyyii koo Oromiyaan Ni Bilisoomtii!!!


Posted: Bitootessa/March 9, 2014 ·

As Afan-Oromo literature continues to burgeon in Oromiyaa and beyond, the online digital shelf is also filling up fast with Afan-Oromo eBooks. The newest addition to this digital shelf is Daani’eel Tafarraa Dibaabaa’s “Amna Dheeraa” with editor Jaalala Biyyaa.

A short fiction, “Amna Dheeraa” introduces the reader to the life of the Oromo youth from childhood and adulthood. The book is based on true stories, and is intended to entertain and inform the reader. In the book, the reader revisits the realities of lives of Oromo youth as one transitions from childhood under the protection of their families to a state where they start to believe they have national roles to play, injustices to correct, and the subsequent new terrains they come across in their quest for justice.

“Amna Dheeraa” has 78 pages, and was released in mid-February 2014. It is available on’s Kindle (digital reader).


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