Ani Oromoo , Biyyii koo Oromiyaan Ni Bilisoomtii!!!


The Union of Oromo Students in Europe UK-branch (UOSE-UK) or Tokkumaa Barattoot Oromo Awuropa Damee-UK (TBOA-UK) is delighted to announce its special annual conference on 12th of April 2014. This conference will be special for three reasons:

  1. Among our speakers  are Jaal Galaso Dilbo and Jaal Taha Abdi who have contributed so much for the Oromo cause and never diluted the just cause of Oromo for any benefit – which earned them unwavering love, respect and trust from the Oromo at large,
  2. April is the special month in which we remember our Heroes and Heroines who have given and still giving their priceless lives for the cause of freedom, justices & equality of the Oromo and other peoples of Ethiopia,
  3. The current situation in Oromia and Ethiopia at large is very alarming more than ever that seeks serious attention and collective action from all of us if we seek a better future in that region.

TBOA-UK cordially invites the general public of Oromo and friends of Oromo in UK and Europe to the conference. The theme of this conference will focus on lessons learned through the long struggle for freedom of our people, reassuring and supporting the struggle for freedom in Ethiopia. It also focus on current crises in the Horn of Africa, particularly Ethiopia, and the historical responsibilities of educated Oromos in diaspora to alleviate the situation.

Time & Date: 10am–5pm, April 12, 2014,
Venue: 356 Holloway Road, London N7 6PA
Contacts: 07538728111, 07403911810, 07946034432, 07852541062 & 07462772278.


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