Ani Oromoo , Biyyii koo Oromiyaan Ni Bilisoomtii!!!

TPLF’s Abbay Tsehay says this new Addis Ababa Master Plan will be implemented – whether Oromos like it or not* (read more below).

This is the map of Addis Ababa (the current size is the small circle with black boundaries in the middle.) With the new Addis Ababa Master “Genocide” Plan, all of the following Oromian cities will be annexed, and the Oromo farmers evicted off their ancestral lands. The Amharic-speaking Addis Ababa will grow by more than 10 times, thereby destroying Oromo language and culture in the region now called the Central Oromia. With the implementation of the new Addis Ababa Master Plan, and the annexation of these and other districts in Central Oromiyaa, Oromiyaa will be divided into West Oromiyaa and East Oromiyaa.

Some of the towns the Master Plan aims to annex and sell to the highest bidder.
1) Akaki
2) Bereh
3) Burayu
4) Mulo
5) Sebeta Hawas
6) Sulullta
7) Welmera
8) Bora
9) Liben_Chukala
10) Lome
11) Gimbichu
12) Adama
13) Adea
14) Dodota
15) Aleltu
16) Jida
17) Ejere
18) Illu
19) Tolle
20) Sendafa
21) so on …

******* About TPLF’s Abbay Tsehay’s Quote ******
* This is the Addis Ababa Master “Genocide” Plan of TPLF that Abbay Tsehay said “nothing will stop it” – as it was released in the news update yesterday.

=== Abay Tsehay, One of the Top TPLF Men, Said: “Nothing Will Stop the [Addis Ababa Master] Plan” ===

(May 4, 2014)

#OromoProtests OPDO senior leaders who returned from their failed attempt to persuade students in number of universities unanimously recommended that Addis Ababa Master Plan should be postponed in order cool things down and conduct ‘educational’ campaign. However their recommendation was rejected by Abay Tsehaye, veteran strongman of TPLF, who is currently serving as the ‘Prime Minister’s advisory for urban development. He reportedly told them, ‘Nothing will stop this plan’. It is said that even Kuma Demeksa, who is seen publicly defending the Plan endorsed the recommendation to postpone but only to be overruled by the real power holders.

You might recall that in 2003, at the meeting held in Ziway, Abaye Tsehaye proposed Afaan Oromo to be removed from being working language of a dozen of towns in Oromia, because ‘not even 30% of urban population is Oromo.’ At the time, Suleyman Dadafo, then head of the propaganda department of OPDO walked out of the meeting in protest, never to be seen again in high level meeting. Abay’s plan at the time did not go through. Now it seems he has found an even grander plan to eliminate any thing Oromo from major urban centers.


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